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What Causes Us to Dream?

The Sleep Stages:
Studies Conducted:
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Have you ever wondered how you dream?  How does your brain create images in your mind?  What brain functions are occuring while you sleep?  I took a great interest in these questions and decided to do further research on them for my Senior Project.  This website is a product of my research and observations. 

This webpage will give you a better understanding of what causes us to dream, neurologically and emotionally. Including, the effect our emotions have on our dreams and the sleep stages our bodies go through. It teaches you about what portion of the brain our dreams are formed in. Also, the different sleep stages we go through before, after, and while dreaming. This webpage also includes findings from my own research of observing someone while they sleep. Not only will I be observing them, but I will also be comparing their movements with brain functions to determine what portion of the brain we use while at rest.

This webpage does NOT include the different theories on dreams or dream interpretation, due to the amount of arguement around them. I have chosen to stick with facts proven by science and not theories.


Please contact me with any comments on my site. Thank you.


Information obtained and presented by Nicki McFarlane